Terms, Condition and Procedure for Warranty of products

Hardware service tools are covered by a limited guarantee for a period of six (6) months from the date of shipment to the customer. Virtual products like logs, credits, activations etc. are not covered by the guarantee.

Warranty means free of charge repair or exchange of the damaged products within 14 days as long as these products are available in our stores. Alternatively, customer’s claim for replacement will be redirected to the manufacturer for repair or exchange.

Expenses for shipping of the defected equipment both ways to and from the Customer's site are not covered by the guarantee, except for the situations, when the Customer received dead on arrival product with "Tested" sticker.

Every device sent for repair must have owner's sticker with the invoice number that device was purchased with.

The warranty does not cover risks of product’s damage or loss during transportation by post or any other delivery service company.

Technical support of the products is a part of our post-sale service – the Customer is guided through the issues of installation, troubleshooting, and other situations where the Customer’s competence is not enough to enable him to solve the problem by himself.

Only standalone hardware device is subject to warranty – cables and accessories are not covered by the guarantee. Our specialists may assist in adjusting (repair) of the cable/accessory if applicable. does not guarantee correct functioning of software if it is not related to the hardware part of the product; shall bear no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by user’s improper/unskillful operating of the service product. reserves the right to reject Customer’s warranty claim in cases specified below:

- warranty seals are removed or damaged;

- warranty period has expired;

- evident attempts of hardware or firmware modification of the device;

- proofs of abnormal operating conditions including electrical power fluctuation or,

- overshoot, corrosion spots etc.