Delivery and Returns Policy

Delivery Policy

Subject to availability and receipt of payment, requests will be processed within 1-3 working days and delivery will be detailed by way of email, this email will contain your Cargo Airwaybill wnumber and details of what the client must do at the time of delivery. Our delivery services are mentioned on the home page and all delivery costs will be automatically calculated at the time of checkout. The goods will remain the responsibility of Beonline2buy.com, Hong Kong, until the airwaybill is signed, then responsibility is passed in full to the client. Failure to mark damages on the Cargo Airwaybill at the time of the delivery, will, in the event of a claim, render the client fully responsible for the damage to the purchase. Marking the Cargo Airwaybill as "unchecked" is not acceptable. 

Refunds policy in case of unavailability

The provision of goods and services by Beonline2buy.com, Hong Kong is subject to availability. In cases of unavailability, Beonline2buy.com, Hong Kong will refund the client in full within 3 days. Refunds / replacement of damaged goods will only be applied if the goods were checked at the time of delivery and marked on the Cargo Airwaybill. 

Returns policy

Beonline2buy.com, Hong Kong do not accept returns, unless the product is damaged at time of delivery and damages are logged on the Cargo Airwaybill. 

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of orders by the client will attract a 10 % administration fee. Should the order be cancelled after it has been couriered, the receiver will be asked to return the goods to Beonline2buy.com, Hong Kong Head Office at their own cost. Any courier costs incurred by Beonline2buy.com, Hong Kong for cancelled orders will be deducted from the over all cost before the payment is refunded. (Note: The decision, for making a payment refund or issuing a credit note, remains with management and will be decided depending on the situation)

Export restriction

The offering on this website is available to all members. We would request to to check out with your local import laws and then only place an order. In case of any kind of forfeiture of the goods or legal action by the local authorities, Beonline2buy.com, Hong Kong cannot be held responsible.